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Frequently Asked Questions about POA

If you are considering getting a power of attorney, you should fully understand what it is all about. In general, it is a legal requirement that you be in a competent and normal state of mind when getting a power or attorney or appointing a person to be your donee. However, it could be very hard to prove that you are not well when you do so. It would be safe to get that document even if you are in the pink of health or even if you do not foresee any event that would make you unable to handle your affairs.

There are several frequently asked questions about this subject. It would be wise to be more familiar about power of attorney to fully understand how it could be of best use for you.


Do I need to appoint a lawyer as an agent?

The agent is also usually called the attorney-in-fact. You could appoint a lawyer as your agent. However, it is not a requirement. In fact, you could appoint just about anyone (in legal age) as your attorney-in-fact. The appointment and authorization should be clearly stated in the legal document (a power of attorney is actually a legally effective document).


How is the Power Of Attorney created?

You need to completely fill out a specific power of attorney form. It should state yourself as the principal and identify the agent you are appointing to take authority on your affairs if you become unable to do so. Of course, it is a requirement that your appointed agent agree to take the authority you are giving. The document should be duly witnessed by a lawyer or a notary public. For the lasting power of attorney, you should seek guidance from your private lawyer when doing the provisions or content of the document.


Is it possible to make a Power Of Attorney if I get mentally incapacitated?

It is not in any way possible to do so. As mentioned, there is a requirement by law for you to fully understand what you are getting into for the document to take full effect. It is advisable that you make a power of attorney even if you do not feel any illness or you do not expect any event that would incapacitate your mental state. It is always ideal to be prepared.


Could the Power Of Attorney be revoked?

Of course, it could be revoked especially if you are no longer comfortable about the kind of service or performance your agent is giving you. Be reminded that it is your right to revoke any authority you provide a person through a power of attorney anytime. You should accomplish a revocation form and distribute copies to all institutions and agencies that could be concerned with transactions, including hospitals and banks. Your agent should also formally receive a copy of that revocation.

As for the lasting power of attorney, you could do two actions. First, you could get into a new lasting power of attorney to name a new person as your attorney-in-fact or agent. Second, you could decide to handle all your own affairs.


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