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HDB Power of Attorney

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HDB Power of Attorney is one of the most common form of Power of Attorney that is requested for in Singapore. The HDB POA is unique to Singapore and is executed for a limited or a specific purpose.

If you wish to buy or sell a HDB flat in Singapore, there are certain matters that you need to attend to at certain stages of the process.

This includes signing of the documents such as Option to Purchase, Lease-in-escrow, Lease Agreement, Assignment deed. If you are unable to attend to any of the matters personally you will need to execute a HDB POA.

For example if you are purchasing a Housing and Development Board flat and you are unable to either make it for the appointment to sign the Sales Agreement or to collect the keys of the flat or for both, you will need to prepare a HDB PoA.

Whereas if you are reselling a flat and you are unable to personally attend any matter related to the selling of the property, you will also need to execute the HDB PoA.


Important Things to be kept in mind regarding HDB POA:

1. If you are travelling abroad it would be advisable that you obtain the HDB POA before you leave the country.

2. There are certain documents that you need to sign personally and cannot be signed by the person holding the HDB PoA. These documents include:

  • Application Form
  • Statutory Declarations which you will be signing in front of Notary Public or the Commissioner of Oaths
  • Any Undertakings


Once the Lease and Mortgage Document has been registered with the Singapore Land Authority, HDB would return the original Power of Attorney or the certified true copy of the documents issued by the High Court to your solicitor.

However the Housing and Development Board would retain the copies of Power of Attorney Document which have been certified by the solicitors. (If you need more details you can visit

Fill up the POA Form to get started if you need to appoint a HDB Power Of Attorney.

We will be glad to assist.


If you are overseas, we can also help you to prepare the POA.


For overseas request, do take note of the following:


  1. You will have to sign the POA before a Notary Public or a Consular Officer.
  2. The POA document can be emailed to you and you will have to print them out on white paper or ledger paper only.
  3. You will have to bear the courier fees to send the original signed and stamped POA documents  from your overseas address back to us.
  4. You can choose whichever courier company at your end to return the POA to us.
  5. You can make payment by telegraphic bank transfer to our bank account.


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